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FREE Registration Giveaways

Be sure to get registered before February 14 for the first giveaway!

The anticipation is building for the upcoming 2024 BIGiOK Annual Conference, where you are not only promised insightful sessions and networking opportunities but also the chance to win exciting giveaways.

With four key dates ( 2/14, 2/21, 2/28 & 3/6) you will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be drawn for four incredible prizes. By simply completing the registration process ("click here to register" at top of page), attendees automatically enter into the pool of potential winners. Among the coveted rewards are opportunities for a refund of the registration fee and additional enticing prizes.


It's an event where every registrant (before 3/6/24) stands a chance to walk away with more than just valuable insights and connections.

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